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Sophia, Monochrome

A decision forced.

Posted on 2006.02.26 at 10:36
Once the call with Luke had finished Sophia sat with her legs pulled up to her chest, the cushion she'd been holding squeezed almost flat as she buried her face in the soft material. She couldn't decide, and she knew Luke was right. Her father wouldn't let her go across the continent on her own to be with Luke. But what was she supposed to do. Tears welled up at the thought of doing this without Luke, without the 'help' they said made it all so much easier, that first flip.

Sobs shook her as she finally let go, tears pouring down her face and soaking into the cushion. Her sleep had been being disturbed for so long, even before he'd gone, but she'd always been able to manage it before. But now she could't. Dreams of the woods, running through them, flashes of others around her and their patient waiting kept waking her. And even worst was another image that appeared every so often. A horrific mangled creature, face covered in hair, but the distortion visible through the mane. Gnarled fingers, dilated pupils and a snarling, growling sound that terrified her.

Her eyes closed, screwing shut trying to stop the image, the creature from appearing in her mind again. For a while it worked, and she eased her grip on the cushion, her tears leaving streaks across her face as her eyelids slowly lowered, weariness overtaking at last. Before she knew it she'd dozed off.

and dreamed...Collapse )

Sophia, Monochrome

Luke is gone.

Posted on 2005.10.19 at 15:26
Current Mood: sicksick
When she awoke it took a few moments for her to realise where she was. At home, in her room, in her bed. Well, not in it, more like on it. Pushing herself up, her hand going to her head, rubbing her fingers across just above her eyebrows, she sighed, then opened her eyes again. It was then she saw the mess around her. Blankets and sheet strewn on the floor around her, and the pillowcase of the pillow she usually hugged as she fell asleep? Torn, the pillow across the room, as if someone had propped it up against the wall on her desk.

Her fingers curled into a fist and she shoved the exposed knuckles into her mouth, teeth closing on them as she felt the tears prickle behind her eyes.

No! Stop it! She inhaled deeply, pulled her fist from her mouth and looked at the indents in her skin. She started scrubbing at them, the pain a relief as it distracted her for a moment from the dreams that were still fading from her mind. She slid her legs from the bed and padded across the room to stand in front of the mirror. It was still the same face that looked back at her and the same body. This last confirmation helped her breath a sigh of relief.

But the dreams had been so vivid. It had been worse since Luke had left, and she'd been hiding it, not wanting him to worry. He knew how close she was, and had been for a while, but this was more important. He needed to find Ruby, and it had been a big enough step for him to take to go to New York. From what he'd been saying each night she knew if she told him he would welcome the excuse to return, and she didn't want that to be the reason for him to not find what he was looking for.

She'd hung on this long. A little longer ... that's all ....





Sophia, Monochrome


Posted on 2005.08.25 at 11:30
Current Mood: scaredscared
After Luke left Sophia talked with her father, Matt grilling her on what Lucas' plans were. She told him and he tried to hide his surprise that it was so soon. He begrudgingly recognised that she definitely had no plans to go with Luke, and when she finally went to bed he gave her a longer hug than usual.

Lying in her bed she stared at the window, the curtains gently moving in the soft night breeze. Hugging a pillow to her body she slowly let her mind wander, the images now familiar as they started rolling across the lowering eyelids, which covered the faint glimmer of gold.


Matt is mad

Posted on 2005.06.21 at 09:55
Hand up behind her head as she tried to finish plaiting her hair back, Sophia heads toward the phone, and stops when she hears her father's voice. The muffled cursing is followed by an angry, "Sophia, this is your father. Are you home?"

She picks up the phone, hair falling loose as she lets go the braid.

"Dad, what is it?" she says, the concern and slight irritation evident in her voice.