wolf_sophia's Journal

Sophia Donner
Sophia is the daughter of Matt Donner, town Sheriff, and since the show has become close friends with Luke Cates (lucascates), the son of the former alpha, Willard Cates, stepson of the new alpha, Vivian Cates.

At her coming of age (a little later than most of the Wolf Lake pack, thanks to her strength and will power) she ended up 'flipping', with Luke's help, at the home of the Ley Moon Lakes pack. Being of Wolf Lake descent they are different - they are born with a latent gene that will, if it becomes prevelant, have them flip, as it's called, and become were, something that is not controlled by the moon as much, but instead is a voluntary action.


This is a fictional journal created for a role playing game - the character, Sophia Donner is from the defunct television series, 'Wolf Lake'.

No copyright infringement intended, no money is made and no humans were harmed in the making of this LJ (well, none that can talk about it any more anyway).